January 26, 2009

‘This is a femur. A femur just happens to be a human thigh bone.’

The Femurs is Rob Femur (and sometimes others). They’ve put out 3 CD’s already of their (and mind you this is their own excellent and spot-on descriptor) “homespun blend of acoustic folk-punk, in the vein of Ramones meets Jonathan Richman”. They now have a new EP called Ride Together and it’s my current morning music of choice. According to Rob “The Femurs” Femur, it’s “all about what happend to me in the summer of 2008. Losing a band member, gaining a girlfriend, moving in with my girlfriend, falling in love, having two dogs, working at the seattle art museum, and summer in seattle.” It totally sounds just like that. I am reminded of the first time I even heard the word “femur’:

You can join in on the fun- just go to The Femurs website and download two songs from Ride Together, “Ride Together” and ‘Always Do”. Look under “Sounds”. (Or drop Rob a msg on myspace, as he says “if you dig what you hear and want a copy, just drop me a e-mail and I will send you one”)

Here’s The Femurs doing “Always Do” @ The Rendezvous:

Rob Femur is also the new drummer for The Cute Lepers, and will be on a months-long tewer with them through Europe opening for punk legends The Queers.

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