November 17, 2009

EDAN - “Echo Party” Video

If you don’t know Edan, there is a total classic psych-rap album waiting for you to love.

“Beauty and the Beat” came out when I was living in Korea; I listened to it on the subway like everyday. Telling you, there is nothing more surreal than walking around a strange-ass metropolis three feet taller than everybody else listening to freakout messy-sample rap about seeing colors. There’s a pretty strict no-weed policy in Korea—Koreans don’t have drug problems…also none are gay…little known fact—but it was all good cause “Beauty and the Beat” got me way stoned. It was all about swirling samples from rock records that didn’t even try to match up, just overlapped and squished each other out the frame. Classic.

Anyhoo. Lar has the promo of the new Edan. I haven’t heard it yet. Apparently it’s no rap, just beats. Bummer, cause I love the way he raps. But this song is rad. And the flick is trip-py. 

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