January 18, 2009

Linda and Ron’s Dad

Basically, Linda and Ron’s Dad is the kind of hiphop I love most: sample-y, dusty, well-dug and well…bugged. RZA-ish, Prince Paul-ish, Specs-ish.

I also have a SRSLY soft spot for international/international-sounding rap beatz (Oh No in Turkey, Madlib in India), and the homey Eric Grandy at The Stranger had it right when he said LaRD sorta sounds like the Beat Konducta (aka my Jesus).

Basically, I think LaRD will be Tyler Swan from Truckasauras and Derek Bourcier’s avenue for whatever stoned experiment they want, but right now, it’s hiphop (the 808 hit hard when I saw ‘em @ Neumo’s the other day) centered around Vietnam: images of/vinyl from. Here’s not the best video in the world.


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