December 22, 2012

oh this old thing?

Pretty sure this is dead. When this started as a blogspot back in 2006 (I deleted the archives, thx for asking), it was the first and only blog that focused on Seattle’s hiphop. 6 years later, there’s a grip of people doing them, excited about what’s going on in town. This is good. Go find them and fuck with em. Or do it yourself. Just do yourself and the place you rep right—and dig deep, ask questions, and listen. Later.

July 03, 2012

Fearce & Bean- “Bully”

He won’t decide when I die…I’ma choose it
What’s the point of my existence?
He’s so consistent
His mission is to make me hate the fact of livin’
And honestly I think that I’ma give in
I hope I’m forgiven
For doing what’s forbidden

July 01, 2012

Ea$t25 - “2 Or 3 AM”

Some killer rap’s been creeping out of the Central as of late, from Raz to Star Spazzin to this—the definition of a riding song. Ea$t25, whether grinding in front of the world-famous Parnell’s Mini Mart or “hydroplanin’ in the 3rd lane”, smoothly rides the silky track—it’s no wonder he shouts out “98.9 when they had the smooth jazz flowing”.  This is a must-slap; Ea$t25’s Learning & Earning comes out later this month.

June 05, 2012

SPECSWIZARD - Tape Game NW Edition

Specs presenting town history. Peep, you’re not going to hear this shit anywhere else. Tape Game NW Edition by Specswizard on Mixcloud

May 31, 2012

Fearce & BeanOne - There Goes The Neighborhood


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